John Perdew
(1941 — 2014)

SNCC, Georgia, 1963-66

John Perdew Events in Dawson and Americus, Georgia
Americus, GA: Sheriff Fred Chapell and "Slappy"
The Los Angeles Rebellion of 1965, John Perdew, SNCC. August 1965
Mississippi Legislature: Old Wine in New Bottles
The Los Angeles Rebellion of 1965, John Perdew,

My time in the Movement was the formative and meaningful period of my life. What a unique opportunity it was to help change history! I feel I have never left the movement and still am in southwest Georgia in Albany, working with non-profits to help them get funding for services.

A friend has written a play dramatizing my experiences in the movement, jail in Americus for three months, beatings, etc. I will be performing the play Oct. 14 in Albany as part of a day-long program about the Americus Four (I was one, Don Harris, Ralph Allen, Zev Aelony) were the others.

My wife and I are planning to start an oral history project to document stories from southwest GA during the movement and otherwise.

We may also do a comparison of Albany today, in the 1960's and in 1903 when WEB DuBois came here and wrote about it in Souls of Black Folk, chapter 7.

I would love to hear from you all, especially about ways to translate what we learned from the movement into lessons for today.

May the revolution continue!

(Labor donated)