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Please look at the Instructions and Guidelines

Please answer the following questions:

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Your name:
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Please list the the organizations you worked with in the South such as CORE, COFO, MCHR, NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, etc.

What years were you active in the South?

Which states in the South did work in?

Testimony: (Required.)
What would you like to say? What did you do during the Movement, what did it mean to you, and what have you been up to since? Enter your testimony below.

Note — Some testimony describing what you did and what it meant to you is required (simply listing the places, years, organizations is not sufficient). You can say whatever you want, but you must say something. (If you wish, you can write your statement with a wordprocessor such as Microsoft Word, and copy/paste it into this email message.)

Enter testimony below:

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