Veterans Listing Guidelines

To add your name to the Veterans Roll Call, fill out the form and click the [Submit Query] button at the bottom.

Name is for the main name you want alphabetically listed in the roll call.
Other Names is for other names that people might recognize you by. Other names will be in parenthesis after your main name. For example, "Uhuru Odinga (Jan Junebug)."

Address is for your postal mailing address.
If you want your mailing address displayed on the web site, check Yes. Your address will only be displayed if you check "Yes."

Phone is for your home or business phone numbers (whichever you prefer).
If you want your phone number displayed on the web site, check Yes. Your phone number will only be displayed if you check "Yes."

Email Address is, of course, for your email address. This field is required so that we can contact you.
(If you don't have an email address, enter "none.")
Email is the main way people using the site can contact you and by default we display your email address on your Roll Call page. However, if you do not want your email address displayed on the web site, check No.

Web Site is for a link to your personal web site, if you have one.

Years is for the years you were active in the South. For example, 1961-64.

Organizations is for the groups you worked with in the South.

States is for the southern states you were active in.

This is for what you want to say. What you did, what it meant, where you've gone and what you've done since, what thoughts you want to share about then and there, and here and now, and the future. (Note that you can add to, or change, your testimony at any time by sending in new information.)

Something in this field is required. You must say something about yourself or what you did or how you feel about it.

Please keep in mind the following points:

There are two ways you can enter your text:

Depending on how busy we are, it may take a day or two for your material to be posted on the site.

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