Victoria Jackson Gray (Adams)
(Vickie Gray)

COFO, MFDP, SCEF, Mississippi, Alabama, DC, 1961-2006

Turning Points in the Life of a Christian Activist
Tributes & Memorials to Victoria Gray

I define/describe/understand myself as a Spiritual Social/Political, CR Activist. I have been engaged in resistance to all acts of repression(legal or othewise) for as long as I have been aware of them.The emergence/unfolding of the movement of the 60's offered an opportunity to expand and structure that engagement.My engagement cntinues to the present and will continue throughout my Life Journey.Having been blessed with the opportunity to live in diverse cultures and countries,the one norm that seems to exist is that of unmet needs for/in segments of the citizenry.So there is always opportunity + for servant Ministry and Witness, wherever in te world we are. I have been involved in sharing the experience of the 60's movement all around the country, in College and University communities, in Religious settings, and in my neighborhood/local community.W/O a doubt, the 60's movement impacted my life most profoundly and radicalized my understanding of what it means to "BE the Church" in the world.What is required to "Create and Become the Beloved Community." I have been and continue to be involved in and affiliated with many groups and organizations,but the experience of the 60's movement is the Plumb Line by which all others are measured.The "Enfleshening" of the "Word" it was and continues to be.

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