Victoria Gray Adams
(1926 — 2006)

Victoria Gray's Roll Call Listing


As remembered by Sheila Michaels August 13, 2006

Rev. Victoria Jackson Gray Adams passed on last evening. Barbara Schwartzbaum heard today from Rev. Cecil Gray, Rev. Adams' son. Rev. Adams wanted cremation. There will be a memorial service in the future.

Last night she told Cecil that she wanted to go home. He thought she meant Petersburg, Virginia or Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He told her he would drive her to either one. But she was silent & he understood her meaning. She died within the hour, while he held her.

Rev. Adams was a grand lady, who had enormous courage, personally & publicly. But no one needs me to tell them that.


From Gwen Patton
June 9, 2006

Mother Victoria Gray-Adams is a beautiful woman in mind, soul, spirit and body. No matter what political group she is a part, she always reminds us that the spirit of a Higher Being and the spirit of "I AM" are the foundations upon which we should comtemplate our actions. I have the privilege of working up close with Mother Gray-Adams in the National Committee for Independent Political Action (NCIPA), Project South and the Fannie Lou Hamer Project (on campaign reform/money out of politics).

Gwen Patton


From Ira Grupper
June 5, 2006

Dear Dear Victoria Gray Adams,

Do you remember when you and I stood in front of a large audience to pay tribute to the memory ot that amazing sparkplug of the Hattiesburg movement, Johnnie Mae Walker? We were in New York City (or was it Washington DC?) and Johnnie Mae had recently passed. We were at a meeting of the National Committee for Independent Poitical Action. How elegant you were then, and now.

I'll be in Philadelphia MS in two weeks, attending the 42nd annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman. And I know you will be standing tall at our side. Bless you.


Ira Grupper


From Gloria Xifaras Clark
June 5, 2006

Mrs. Gray was an inspiration to us all. My thoughts are with her.

Gloria Clark
Holly Springs MS 1964-5


From Joan C. Browning
June 5, 2006

I have known Victoria for a decades; we worked together at the Fannie Lou Hamer Institute on Democracy at Jackson State several summers, she telling students what it was like to grow up black in Mississippi, I about growing up white in Georgia.

While I shall be comforted at my own time of transition to know that she is waiting on the other side, I would very much like to tell her how much I love her on this side.

Joan C. Browning
PO Box 1147
Lewisburg WV 24901-4147

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