Bobbi Cieciorka
(Bobbi Ricca)

SNCC, 1964-65, Mississippi
Current Residence: Blue Lake, CA

I joined the Holly Springs project in December 1964. While there, Frank Cieciorka and I created Negroes in American History: A Freedom Primer for use in the freedom schools. Both of us wrote and Frank drew the full page illustration for each chapter and the sketches in between. People had contributed a number of useful black history books to the freedom house's library. We were able to research a great deal of the book right there. The idea was to create a book that featured black faces, showed black people as an integral part of American history, and honored the black resistance to slavery that was often white-washed out of America s story. Knowledge is power.

Frank and I returned to San Francisco in April 1965. Later both of us worked with The Movement newspaper, covering the unfolding civil rights movement, black power, the anti-war movement and other news of the times. Frank's amazing political cartoons were a regular feature.


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