Poems by Joseph Ruggiero


Dark is the night
near is decision
but my mind has stopped
its ugly precision

The man shouts
I must ignore
that ugly speech
would make a whore

This world will end
and I will leave
but for J.L. Jackson
who did bereave

You shout of love
and you ache with hate
and do long
for your long lost mate

For how can white know
what it is to be black
for this to be
must my brain be wracked

The sun never shines
the stars cant twinkle
and so to hell
with a wedding bell

Come what may
it wont be good
now precious God
put away your white hood

Trouble me more
before I return to snore
give me black light
that I may see right

Copyright © Joseph Ruggerio, 1965, all rights reserverd.


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