Joseph Ruggiero
( — 2023)

SCLC-SCOPE, 1965, North Carolina

1965 and 1966 I worked for SCLC and the SCOPE project
1966 worked for SDS shutting down SF State
1967 was at first meeting of Peace and Freedom Party in SF
1968 organized a Teamsters local for lumpers
1974 head teacher of a non-sexist, non-racist, vegetarian pre-school

I went south in June 1965 to Atlanta for 1 week of orientation. I worked for SCOPE. We attempted to desegrate about 15 restaurants. When they refused us service we called Atlanta and they filed suit against the places that didn't serve us. One of our jobs was to get people to register to vote. Twice we took people down to the courthouse. Both times the county clerk refused to register eligible voters. We called Atlanta, they filed suit against the county. After 6 weeks in the South, the Klu Klux Klan came a calling. They burnt a cross on the front lawn. They said they would be back the next night and if I were there they would burn the house down with me inside it. The next day I was 20 miles away in a Negro church. Atlanta sent Jessie Jackson and he gave me instructions to go back to the city I had been in, but I was to switch houses every night.

In September 1965 I went back to Springfield college. I was one of five SCLC workers, we were the new England branch of SCLC. I spoke at colleges to recruit people to go south in 1966.


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