C.O. Simpkins


As remembered by David "Dave" Dennis
December 7, 2019

Dr. C. O. Simpkns moved on to be with the other great ones. This is an attempt to share with you his legacy. Most of you stood beside him as he led the struggle for freedom in Louisiana and across the South. He was my mentor from when I was a teenager in Shreveport and his guidance helped me to be effective in the Civil Rights movement. We were a small group of youngsters — Willie Bradford, the McGinnie sisters, Levert Taylor, Joe Jernigan, Thomas Peete, Harold Bethune, to name a few — trying to make a difference under the guidance of the local NAACP, led by Dr. Simpkins, Rev. Blake, Rev. Jones, Rev. McLain, Rev. Blade. Dr. Simpkins helped us to set up a local freedom newsletter, called the Freedom Voice, which was distributed throughout Northern Louisiana to Dallas, Texas.

There are never ending stories of the impact that Dr. Simpkins had on the Civil Rights Movement across the country. One little known fact is that it was really Dr. Simpkins and Rev. Blake who caused the first walkout by the Southern University students in 1960. He was also one of the leaders of the first bus boycott with Rev. Jemison et al which was in Baton Rouge and not Montgomery.

I will miss him and so will the world. A couple of years ago God blessed me by giving me the opportunity to introduce my son to him. He continues to talk about the experience.

Below are some links to his legacy.

Life and Legacy of the late Dr. C.O. Simpkins, Sr
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Rest In Peace, my friend and mentor. I will always remember and cherish the impact you have had on me and the world.

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