Silas Norman
(1941 — 2015)


As remembered by Constance Curry
July 18, 2015

I first met Silas in 1961 when he was a student at Paine College in Augusta, GA, and a brave leader of sit-ins that often brought violent reactions from white on-lookers.


As remembered by Jimmy Garrett
July 18, 2015

Silas Norman, ¡Presente!


As remembered by Maria Varela
August 1, 2015

When at the University of Wisconsin, Silas Norman was among the applicants for the SNCC literacy project in Selma, which I was coordinating. He stood out among the other applicants as mature, responsible and intuitive. He was our rock. Silas was also a great cook. I still have his recipe for buttermilk cornbread. RIP Silas.

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