Southern Regional Council (SRC) Articles

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46-55Changing Patterns in the South Southern Regional Council. Compendium of 42 articles on race & democracy in the South. 1946-1955.
1947 Negro Poice in a Southern City. Unsigned, New South, October, 1947. [For a different view see the term "Negro Police"]
1946Race Hatred Gets a Hearing, Harold C. Fleming, New South, January 1948. Re "Negro police."
1949Courts Define the Right to Vote. Unsigned, New South, Feb 1949. Re White Primaries and literacy tests
1949"Separate But Equal" In Court. Unsigned, New South, December 1949. Re segregated inter-state train travel (Henderson case)
1965The March on Montgomery, Margaret Long, SRC.
1968The Poor People's Campaign, and The Poor People's Campaign and Other Lobbies, Warren Pritchard, SRC. New South, Fall 1968
1968State of the Soutern States, Southern Regional Council (SRC). New South, Fall 1968

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