Civil Rights Movement Veterans Guestbook
January - June, 2004 Entries

I grew up in the 50's & 60's and as a child was involved in the civil rights movement in Ohio. This site is packed with invaluable information that is a treasure for historians. I had recently become an historian of sorts on the civil rights movement and had been researching those unsung heroes & sheroes of the movement. The leaders were monumental in taking the torch and leading the masses through a very tumulturous time, but we must not forget the masses of which, many lost their lives. Thank you for providing tons of incredible stories and a roll call of the many who were a part of the greatest movement ever, but were never recognized for their contributions. Thank you again!

 — Jean Shepherd, Dayton,Ohio, 06/17/04

I admire everyone for their struggle and courage during the Civil Rights Movements. I am lazy and there's no way I could walk EVERYWHRE for over a year. It took great courage to stand up for what they believed, but I'm so glad they did. Now I can go to school, and not have to deal with segregation as much as they did. Their courage can inspire me and anyone else in future incidents. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID! I ADMIRE IT ALL SO MUCH.

 —  Justine Pruitt, Richfield, Utah, May 17, 2004

i like your web site it is very interesting and right. i suport you all the way.thank you- Woody Chapel

 —  woody chapel, laguna beach CA , 5/7/04

This is a great site, especially for history and research.

 —  Dani Berger, Badger, MN, 5-3-04

hey this site is great only is their any one that is still livin from this site.??

 —  jim rush, struthers, 04 21 2004

[So far as we know all (or at least most) of the veterans listed in the Veterans Roll Call and Speakers List are still alive and kicking. --webspinner]

My name is Robbie Johnson and I am a 10 year old female student at Mecca Elementary School in Mecca, California. I am participating in a Certificate of Merit Program through our School District GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Program). I am focusing my project on the Civil Rights Movement from 1865 through 1989 (focus on Rosa Parks). Your site has increased my educational knowledge, which has given me a much richer learning experience.

 —  Robbie Johnson, Indio, California, April 19, 2004

God bless everyone for there continued struggle during the civil rights movement era. They gave a lot so that we could live in this country as a free people.

 —  L. Wallace, Boston, Ma, april 5, 2004

i love this website. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

 —  Tara Berhe, havelock, north carolina, 3/30/04

God Bless all of you

 —  jr,,

What I have read thus far, is an incredible collection of historical events and facts that is both painful as well as a celebration!

 —  minie whitehead, portsmouth, virginia, 3/9/2004


 —  chelsy braun, coldwater, ohio USA, 3-3-04

I really like this site it is really great for information! and it is also touching to read some of the stories!

 —  Lacey, Mesquite, Texas, Febuary,27,2004

I think this is a good site to have, I know our country did not go through as much but we do understand. I am proud of the African Americans who stood up for their rights, they were brave and they deserve to be known. This site has made me see what the movement was like. Thank you!

 —  Amanda Mason, Canada, 02/26/04

It is important for people to know that some black people are still scared know. For all white people they aren't scared maybe some white people think blacks are selffish because they are in gangs. Everybody in the world is equal sometimes people have different oppions about things but that doesn't make them different at all. And as the old saying goes "don't judge a book by it's cover"

 —  Cynthia, Thorndike , Ma, 2/25/04

this is a cool website im a student at oak park middle and our students over here use this website a lot. It's well organized and every things great thankyou!

 —  Lakken S., Lake charles, Feb 19,04

This site is the most wonderful memory of the Civil Rughts Movement I have every seen. My father would be proud.

 —  Walter Tull, Greenville NC, USA, 02-13-2004

i am inspired by the strong and powerful message this site represents i know how far our people have come and it's a blessing to see an everlasting record of our past achievements.

 —  Nadine Naomie Richards, England, 01-10-04

i really love your site

 —  Jordon living, hopkins south carlina , 2/04/04

From a school class in Utah:

Great websites. It tells us about our loving veterans

 —  Andrew Boston and Hosea Freeman, Bradenton Florida, January 27th 2004

I am a 13 year-old white girl and I am so happy that you put this on the internet so people of other races can observe the struggles of Black History. I would just like to say that you have given me an oportunity to understand the struggles of Rosa Parks,Martin Luther King,Jr., Fredrick Douglass and so on and so forth.

 —  Tonya R. Green-Davis, Charlotte, NC, 1/24/04

i was not in it but i heard a lot about it

 —  megan adkins, cincinati ohio, 1/20/04

Very informative site and well put together. I am a native from Albany, GA, and I had the privilege to know some of the original Civil Right Leaders such as, Rutha Harris, McCree Harris. Ms Rutha Harris is and was like a mother to me as to many others. This site is just the surface and need to be enhance for all the world to see that Albany is one of the original "stomp-grounds" for the Civil Right Movements. My wife and I are so greatful for this and we will pass down what was shared with us to our children and childrens' children. God Bless, Corey D. Sibley President K Love Music

 —  Corey D. Sibley, President, K Love Music, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA, JAN- 18-2004

It was touching

 —  john jones, cary nc united states, 1/15/04

I am a 17 yr. old high school student of San Francisco. This is, I think, one of the most important and meaningful websites on the internet. It allows us to get a glimpse of past struggles of our people and reminds us of how far we surely have came. The testimonies of the witnesses and contributors,God bless you all, have given me vital information which I will use in a showcase at my school for Black History month, so I thank you. This website is a time capsule to the past. God bless.

 —  Taquila Pratt, San Francisco, California, 1/12/04

I am very glad to see this site on the internet. This was without a doubt a historical movement that changed the view and treatment of Blacks in the United states as well as the world. In my assessment this movement was the first BIG step forward for Blacks in the U.S.A. to stand-up and reverse the direct process of the dehumanization of Blacks in the U.S.A. and around the world. The Civil Movement in the U.S. has to be recognized in relationship to it's universal influence and effect.

C. Arthur Blair, Maryland, 1/6/04
Rediscovery Learning Works, Inc.

I find this site very resourceful. I am a Social Studies teacher on Guam for the 7th and 8th Grade level. I was browsing the site for information that I may pass along to my students while we are studying Civil Rights and the people who helped in the fight for equality and freedom.

 —  Dominic MC Gumataotao, Hagatna, Guam, 01-06-04