Movement Legal & Security Documents

Security Handbook, unsigned COFO, Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964

Graduate Coordinating Council Legal Info Sheet, U.C. Berkeley, Fall 1964

Legal Street Sheets, know your rights re police & judicial system for protesters and citizens. National Lawyers Guild (NLG). 1968. (6 documents)

Rise Up, legal rights info for students. Flyer distributed to San Francisco State College student strikers. Undated (probably 1968)

Legal defense information and instructions, S.F. State College Legal Defense Committee. 1968-1969. (16 documents)

Law Enforcement Agencie's Methods of Surveillance, unsigned People's Dreadnaught. Undated (probably late 1960s-Early 1970s)

Notes for a Would-Be Fugitive. Unsigned. Undated (probably 1969-1974).

Radical's Guide to Grand Juries, Alicia Kaplow & Ann Garfinkle, NLG. Liberated Guardian. 1/27/71.

With a Little Pork From Our Friends, Barbara Herbert, 12/17/70. Article about provocateurs.

Where are the Clark Kents of Yesteryear? Pamphlet on movement infiltrators. Unsigned Ramparts Magazine December 1970.

Grand Juries, Peter Young & Barry Litt. NLG. April 1971

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