Flonzie Brown Wright
(Flonzie B. Goodloe)

NAACP, Mississippi, 1963-70
11942 Moses Road
Germantown, OH 45327
Phone: (937) 855-2663

I began my advocacy in June 1963 just after the assasination of Medgar Evers. Some activities included voter-registration, voter-education, attending and leading voter-registration marches, teaching voter-registration and education classes.

In 1968, I was elected to public office in Mississippi thus becoming the first African American female to hold public office since Reconstruction. I was elected to the position of Election Commissioner. In that capacity, I appointed and trained poll workers, implemented a jury selection system and certified petitions for persons (especially) African Americans to qualify for public office. I testified before Rep. Charles Diggs committee to bring Federal Examiners to Mississippi to assist in the Voter-registration process. Housed white students from the North.

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