George Winter

SNCC, COFO, MFDP, 1963-65, Mississippi
Current Residence:
P.O. Box 6642
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: 907-247-4325

I first came south battling with the draft in 63.  Signed up with Virgie Hortenstein's (quaker) workshops in S.W. Tennessee. There I joined in and followes Rev Brown with a Highlander Folk School project in Americus Georgia. Met SNCC. Returned to California and helded Hardy Freye and others organize the Sacramento Area Friends of SNCC. Ended up goinbg down on the busses to Ruleville and spent the rest of 64 and some of 65 in Indianaola.
Hello to Christopher Hexter and Linda Seese be getting to you if you don't beat me to it.
By 66 I was organizing for the NFWA and working with the sacramento freinds of sncc & sds chapters and peace movement.  Helped with the Delano March, several winning boycott efforts...  Help organize a bunch of displaced farm workers calling themselves the Single Men's Self Help Group, won some housing and eating rights... My family was harrassed by the FBI off and on until 78 when I was asked by an FBI agent if I was still with sds and for the violent overthrow of the US govenment and I responded by tossing some manure I was shoveling his direction telling him he was carrying the violence... by the 70s I was helping organize cannery workers along TDU lines to take back their union, almost won,  ended up community organizing & working for the Rainbow  Coalition... 
Now I'm living in Alaska with my high school love, have 13 kids and 5 grandchildren scattered around the Earth, working with the Tongass Conservation Society -- the most radical group in Ketchikan.  We're battling to save what old growth rain forest is left, battling with Louisians Pacific over the Toxics and human casualties they left behind... also working with the Green Party and evey other middle to lefty I can find

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