Junius W. Williams

SNCC, Alabama, 1965
110 Warren Street, #163
Newark, NJ 07102
Email: junius@rutgers.edu
Phone: 973-353-3531

Selma to Montgomery: But What About SNCC?

I worked with SNCC in what Willie Ricks called later, the "Battle of Montgomery". I was part of a college delegation from Massachsetts, participating in demonstrations with local people in Montgomery and SNCC staff in what became a parallel campaign for the right to vote, while the folks were marching from Selma to Montgomery. I was arrested and spent a week in Kilby State Prison.

Later that year I moved to Newark, NJ, after graduating from Amherst College, at the invitation of Tom Hayden. I worked with the SDS project here called the Newark Community Union Project, and in 1966,in SNCC with Phil Hutchings. I have worked in Newark for the last 40-plus years, currently as Director of the Abbott Leadership Institute at Rutgers Universiy, teaching parents and community people how to become more involved in schools. I have a memoir coming out soon called "Unfinished Agenda: Urban Politics in the Era of Black Power", which documents my politics and my adventures over the last 40 years.


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