Stu Wechsler

CORE 1962-68 Florida, South Carolina, Maryland
Current Residence:
1558 Bay Head Road
Annapolis, MD 21401

I joined the City College Chapter of Core in 1962. After a few Upper South Freedom Rides and my first arrest in Maryland I became active in the New York Chapter of CORE and later was involved with the founding of East River CORE a chapter that made its mark with rent strikes and grass roots organizing in East Harlem. Our first major demonstration was the blocking of the Tribourough Bridge.

In the spring of 64 I joined National and worked in the Northern Florida Voter Education project where almost 5,000 were registered in Gadsden County despite arrests, shootings and continueed harassment. I also worked in a number of counties in South Carlina before moving to Baltimore to help initiate the Target City project.

Since that time I worked in the field of low income housing and like to think that I am still "keeping on keeping on"

I would be happy to carry on a dialogue with any of the movement brothers and sisters and try and step back into the community that was so motivated by commitment and idealism.

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