Bob Wechsler
(1931 — 2013)

CORE, 1964, 1965, Louisiana

Neither Victims Nor Executioners ~ Nonviolent Resistance in the Civil Rights Movement.

I was sent to Louisiana by my friend James Farmer, in the summer of 1964, galvanized by the disappearance of Cheney, Schwermer and Goodman. That year I was 36, older than most of the volunteers. I had two small children and couldn't stay for more than three weeks, so I was far from a hero — though so many of the people in these pages ARE in fact heroic. In Louisiana I worked for a remarkable man, (more than 10 years my junior, named Ronnie Moore. He was — and I would imagine still is — an inspirational leader. I came back for another three weeks in the summer of 1965 to work for Ronnie. Presently at age 79, I have gone back to grad school, and am writing my thesis about The Movement.


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