Pat Vail

SNCC 1964-65
Current Residence: Jacksonville, FL

The year I spent in Mississippi with COFO working on voter registration, the FDP, and other local issues in the Greenville area, changed my life.

By the time I left the state in June, 1965, I was very discouraged that for all the folks' — particularly the local community — sacrifices, we had made no progress at all. It is both instructive and disheartening 45 years later to realize the extent to which the "power structure" both within and outside the state was able to control events so tightly.

Since then, I have raised two super sons, become a lawyer, and ended up in Florida about 25 years ago. I still do a lot of pro bono elder law in Jacksonville through Legal Aid as well as other volunteering in both arts and advocacy for seniors. 1964-1965 Greenville, MS

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