Morton Thomas

COFO 1964-65
1640 Washington St., #303
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 857-928-2452

I have been in touch with a few of the brothers and sisters. Fred Anderson of Hattiesburg & Montreal, do you want to get in touch?

I am certain that all of us, "us all", know that it has been a huge privilege, a great piece of good luck, to participate directly in some way in one of the great movements of ordinary people, and of extraordinary ordinary people, for liberation in the history of human beings. It was sensational good fortune just to be in the same room with Mr. Amzie Moore, Mrs. Hamer, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Devine (may she rest in peace), my old bosses Stokely (and peace to him) & Charlie Cobb, my friend since June 1964 in Ohio, Muriel Tillinghast, and many others, some now gone. As the inscription on the Colonel Shaw & 55th Massachusetts monument on Boston Common says: "The memory of the just is blessed." Thanx for giving me the chance to say all that; & for now, Peace, shalom, salaam: everyone.

As we all know, & remember: Freedom is a constant struggle.

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