Charlie Thomas

COFO, 1965-66, Mississippi
Current Residence: Asheville, NC

I came to Mississippi to the Jackson COFO office in mid-summer 1965 with another volunteer, Guerry Anne Durham. I worked in Carthage in Leake County. I was was much impressed by the courage of many people I met, notably A.J and Minnie Lewis. We integrated the local movie theatre with a crowd of perhaps 50 people, then left the movie halfway through when a large crowd gathered outside. We almost made it back to the black side of town when they attacked with clubs and stones. Several people were hurt badly.

Guerry stayed with a local family but I lived in the movement office, a two-room house on a back road. I had planned to leave in December but someone burned a cross in front of the office so I stayed another month. I was active in the anti-war movement and worked for several years as a union organizer.


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