Mary Swope

SCLC/SCOPE, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, 1965
Current Residence: San Francisco, CA

I was a SCOPE volunteer from San Francisco the summer of 1965. I first worked in the office in Atlanta, doing whatever needed to be done at the moment.

Hosea Williams put me on the staff as a photographer and sent me to Greensboro Alabama with Charles Shapiro and Mark Harrington. We were to work on community organizing. I was arrested with many others for refusing to disperse from our planned march. I spent 3 days in Camp Selma. I returned to Greensboro and resumed work. I then was able to go to the national SCLC convention in Birmingham, where I met James Bevel, Diane Nash, and James Orange

Then to a couple of small communities (Sussex, Amelia) in Virginia, to continue community organizing under the direction of Big Lester [Hankerson].

Most of all I admire those in the community who worked, at great risk, to assure the basic right of voting.

After all these years, I have finally self-published an account of my experience: My Summer Vacation: 1965 (text and photos).


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