D Stevens

SNCC, 1966-67, Alabama
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Clifford Vaughs got me in involved with SNCC. Later I believe it was '66, I went to the South. Just just out of High School, I traveled to the South to help with Voter registration and work on the Movement newspaper. I did not do much but knew I had to something to contribute.

We stayed at Marion Barry office in DC and several of us drove to Atlanta (including Kathleen Cleaver at the time). When getting there I was sent to Alambama to organize students and take part in voter registration in Lowndes Country. I travelled a bit with Featherstone, Willie Ricks and Stanley Wise and got my hand cut.

Basically worked at the newspaper, demonstrated and gave speeches. It was not a very long period of time but I was the SNCC representative.

I found out my draft number was pretty low so I returned to California and represented SNCC at the Black Congress and organized the speaking engagement for H Rap Brown at Century City and at UCLA among other events.

Returning to college I became a photo and broadcast journalist. Winning a Golden Mike for a documentary for KPFK/Pafica Radio for "SOLEDAD THREE" about conditions at Soledad prison. And located to London UK for many years contributing to Newsweek International.


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