Marc Steiner

CORE 1960-64, SNCC 1959-65 CIG
Current Residence: Balitmore, MD
Mailing Adress:
Box 20908
Baltimore, Md. 21209
Phone: 410-516-0127

Also: Civic Interest Group (part of SNCC), 59-65 Maryland - Baltimore, Cambridge, Route 40 Project

My name is Marc Steiner and I was a member of SNCC and CORE, but the groups that I was most afffilited with were the Civic Interest Group (CIG) in Baltimore, Maryland, that was affilated with SNCC, and the CNAC, the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Group that organzied in Cambridge Maryland, and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the days of Gloria Richardson, way before Rap arrived, or knew about us.

I was only 13, just shy of my 14th birthday, when I joined the Movement. I was at the Mondawmin Shopping Center in Baltimroe with my mother, when we saw some "Negro" college students from Morgan State picketing the White Coffee Pot Restaurant. I knew about the struggle in South, I was painfully aware of segretation in my city, already involved with the National Conference fo Christians and Jews and Fellowship House youth (the only places Black and White kids gathered together), and I had a picture in my bedroom of Mac Parker's boots (from Life Magazine) under his cot in the Misssissippi cell he was dragged from to be lynched in 1956. So, I knew what was going on at that young age. My mother asked the picket captain, and I picked up a sign and walked. I never stopped — I have not stopped marching till even now.

From that point on I was involved in the movement. Because I was so young the brothers and sisters at CIG would only let me picket, I have a lot more to say, but I have to go off to a meeting.

I will back and feel free to e-mail me at

I am glad this is here, because we are veterans

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