Frances Montgomery Steele

SNCC, 1963-65, Alabama
Current Residence: Columbus, GA

I was born in 1950 and raised in Selma Alabama. It is my honor to share a snapshot; as a result of being a participant in the Civil Rights Movement.

My mother, Oneida, voted at the firestation on Broad St [Selma].

Schools: St. Elizabeth Mission of Selma (Edmundite Priest and Sisters of St.Joseph). Also, I attended St. Jude High School in 1965 at The City of St. Jude in Montgomery, AL.

I attended MASS MEETINGS at Browns Chapel and Tabernacle Baptist, Dick Gregory & training at SNCC office in Montgomery, St. Jude student walkout, and more. Looking up at George Wallace (quick prayer) as we sang Ain't gonna let nobody, turn me around and other songs.

On the Selma to Montgomery March I walked to the first campsite in Lowndes County. Then met the marchers at St. Judes three days later. Then, on the fifth day marched on the Capitol! My feelings were overwhelming!

I am proud of the museums & monuments that my family and I visited in 2011 in Selma (HOME).


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