Bruce Smith

SSOC, 1964-69, Virginia
Current Residence:
1905 Richmond Avenue
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone: 703-490-4827
Web Site: Bruce J. Smith's Blog
Book Site: Transformation From Republican to Radical Activist in the 1960s

Attended Lynchburg College and was founding member of SSOC [Southern Studens Organizing Committee] in April 1964. Joined Virginia Students' Civil Rights Committee in spring of 1965 and became field worker in Amelia County, Va that summer. Back at Lynchburg College in the fall, Bob Foley (deceased) and I faced suspension and expulsion for organizing a statewide students' civil rights conference and later for living in the Black community. Recruited by Gene Guerro the next summer to work with Farmworkers Organizing project sponsored by the AFL-CIO. After a year of graduate work in Pennsylvania, I went to work for SSOC in the summer of 1967, participated in the Peace Tour and became camputs traveler in VA. until the breakup of SSOC. Continued the fight against racism as a member of many different organizations during the next twenty years.

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