John & Jean Small

SCLC, 1963-64, North Carolina
Current Residence: Portsmouth, VA
Web Site:

The Civil Rights Movement of the sixties changed the world forever. We are thankful to have been participants in that Movement. Our mother/mother-in-law, Sarah Small was president of SCLC in Williamston NC. She now rest in peace.

We participated along with his mother who happened to be President of SCLC at the time in Williamston N. C. We were on the front lines. Marched through violent crowds. Went to jail not just in Williamston but also in Florida. We were a part of the freedom ride to Boston MA to raise funds. I was one of the soloists and also secretary.

We were were there in the heat of it all.

My husband witnessed police drag and throw his mother in a police wagon. She was six months pregnant. She named the baby girl Freeda.

I mentioned to my husband this past Monday that we should write a book because there are those attempting to who were too young or not born.


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