Lew Sitzer

SNCC, 1964-65, Mississippi
Current Residence:
10560 Whispering Oaks Lane
Nevada City, CA 95959
Email: sitzer@sbcglobal.net (or maybe lsitzer@ines.ro)
Phone: 530-470-8610

As a college student in California, I went to Mississippi with SNCC to answer questions and to see, first hand, what the struggle for civil rights for black Americans - and all Americans meant. These questions and others were answered by the brutality of many Southerners and the kindness of others who opened their homes and their hearts, risked their lives and the lives of their families.

I was struck by the great compassion and warmth that many black Southerners showed rather than the bitterness and hatred one would expect in the face of such hostility.

I left the South changed and have not lost sight of the continuing struggle for human rights that is still a large part of my life. I now direct a public access TV station in Northern California and teach history in high school.

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