Richard Shortt

SNCC & FoS, 1963-64, Mississippi, Alabama
16 Packard Ave. #2
Somerville, MA 02144
Phone: 617.440.4395

Started Friends of SNCC Group in Flushing NY in 1963. Raised funds in support of SNCC. At 19 years of age, it felt very important to support Civil Rights for all.

Arrested in Jackson, MS demonstrating for Voting Rights 1965. Part of contingent from SDS from Ann Arbor.

Demonstrated in support of Selma March in Montgomery, AL in 1965 as part of contingent from SDS in Ann Arbor. Avoided injury from State Troopers on horseback clubbing demonstrators.

In both demonstrations in the south it felt very important to put my body on the line. My father is from Virgina and with a lineage dating back to 1600 in Virginia, I was very troubled by what had been going on down South for so many years. I was brought up in NYC, but visited family many times and saw the impact of segregation and it angered me a great deal. I felt bitter about what I saw.


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