Mary Sue Short
(Mary Sue Gellatly)

SNCC, 1963-65, Tennessee, Mississippi
W270 S3979 Heather Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53189
Phone: 262-542-3406

Nashville, TN - Summer 1963 - Voter Registration Project. Hattiesburg and Palmer's Crossing, MS, - Summer 1964 - Freedom Summer volunteer, mainly community center/adult literacy. Shaw, MS - fall 1964 - summer 1965 - SNCC staff, mainly voter registration, Freedom Democratic Party, MS Freedom Labor Union

Those experiences had a huge impact on my life since then. While employed, I found that there were always ways to have a positive influence. (Nursery school teacher/staffing anti-poverty programs/being involved starting non-profits)

It's still true that everyone can do something and that when we work together, the results don't just add up, they multiply.


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