Spes Dolphin
(Linda Seese)

SNCC, SCLC, Alabama, Mississippi, 1964-66
Current Residence:
730 columbia #C
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Email: spesdolphin@hotmail.com
Phone: (505) 989-8202

Other: Poverty programs, l967, Alabama.

I am happy to be able to use a computer finally. I worked in freedom schools, and federal projects-under Jessie Morris in Mileston and all over Sunflower co. It has meant so much to me to be part of the Sunflower co. re-union June 2000. I worked with Ivanhoe Donaldson in Columbus Ohio in Fall '65 and then, one year with the Metic Association of Saskatchewan (indians without treaty status) in Canada and in Toronto. In Toronto I helped start women's liberation and 2 year in Chicago. In '69 with a collective moved to Portland, OR, and did healthcare work and came out as a lesbian, which i had always been. I helped start and live on women's lands in Oregon., Denmark and New Mexico.

i will always feel that i was lucky to be on time for the miss. summer project. that year changed my life in so, so many ways-all for the better. i feel such love and gratitude to the people of indianola, miss., esp. my dear , now departed maria weeks, and her sister, nita brownlow and all their children. we had a wonderful 36 yr reunion 2 yr. ago organized by stacy white, otis brown jr. and zelie -forget her last name now.

last year i got to realize another dream and go to ghana in company of an elder woman who paid my way. i taught math at jr. hi level and say many relatives-at least by looks for miss. friends.

i have continued organizing in one form or another ever since.

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