Jeffrey H. Schwartz

CORE, 1964, Louisiana
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Potomac, MD 20854
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CORE's Freedom Summer — My Experiences in Louisiana

During the Summer of 1964, I was a volunteer with CORE's Louisiana Project, with orientation in Plaquemines, LA. The group was led by Ronnie Moore, a former Southern University student. I was moved by the passion and friendship of my colleagues, including Michael Lesser, Mimi Feingold, Judy Rollins, Joanne Darken, Howard Messing, Ronnie Sigal, and many others, including those brave souls like "Mama Jo", who housed us, fed us, protected us, and modeled the most profound courage, steadfastness, and faith in the face of threats, violence, and coercion.

I worked with others on canvassing neighborhoods, enlisting attendees at voter registration training clinics, and helping to conduct those clinics. My base of operations was Hammond, LA. We also worked in Ponchatoula and Amite, LA.

I would welcome hearing from (or about former colleagues), whether named here or not.

With a sense of profound gratitude for that distant summer and for those with whom I worked,


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