Danny Schechter
(the News Dissector)

CORE, COFO, NSM, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, 1962-64
C/O Globalvision
575 8th Ave, #2200
New York, NY 10018
Email: Danny@mediachannel.org
Phone: 212-246-0202 x3006
Web Site: newsdissector.com/blog, newsdissector.com/dissectorville

One problem with this check list is that it leaves out DA NAWTH where civil rights activism raged. I started picketing Woolworth Stores in the Bronx. I became the Communications DIrector of the Northern Student Movement (NSM), a SNCC affiliate, with organizing projects in 8 cities and supporters on tons of campuses. I worked in Harlem and Baltimore. I was on the Maryland State Committee for the March On Washington (1963)...

I write about my Movement Days in my book News Dissector (Akashic Books) and earlier volume The More You Watch the Less You Know (7 Stories Press). I also worked in the Saul Alinksy-oriented (and advised) Community Action Training Center community organizing project in Syracuse New York in l965

I am now known as the News Dissector, a journalist, blogger (Mediachannel.org), filmmaker and still a troublemaker (I remember my civil rights activism in my film "WORK IN PROGRESS" (Globalvision) a mediaography that recounts some of my life and times.)

Of course the MOVEMENT was a formative period in my life and its spirit still informs my work.



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