Phillip H. Savage

NAACP, 1961-1969, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee
Current Residence: Bethesda, MD
Phone: 301-229-7326

The NAACP employed me as Tri-State Director, 1961-72. During that time, I was assigned by the National Office to participate in various actions in the named states. In Tennessee, I was arrested for assisting people of color to register to vote.

After Medgar Evers was assassinated, I was ordered to Mississippi to assist Charles Evers, Medgar's brother, in his duties as the NAACP replacement for his brother. While there, I led the first night time civil rights march protesting discrimination in the State. Later, I returned to Mississippi and organized NAACP branches in Hattiesburg, Biloxi, and Gulf Point, as well as help lead demonstrations in Natchez.

In the other listed states, I led demonstrations and/or organized NAACP branches, in locations such as Baton Rogue, Montgomery, Pritchild, Somerville, and other cities of the South.


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