Michael Rooke-Ley
(Mike Burns)

CORE 1965 Louisiana
910 Lawton St.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Email: union2757@comcast.net
Phone: 541-579-0067

Impossible to Ignore Any Longer:

Briefly trained in Gulfport, MS., then assigned to Shreveport LA with Dan Paik and Eddie Scott. Integrating lunch counters, recreational areas, repeatedly jailed. Our lawyer Dr. Jesse Stone (only Black lawyer in the area) got us out and found us safe houses.

For a middle-class white kid from San Francisco, this was all eye-opening and fostered an entire life of progressive work. Of course, we learned far more than we gave; the real heroes were those locals who endured. I kept a diary and various flyers which constituted a library exhibit in Seattle several years ago.

Retired recently after 35 years as a law professor. Stone went on to become chancellor at Southern. Years later I spoke at his funeral in Shreveport. I'm still in touch with his widow and daughter, who's now a judge.


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