David Riley

COFO, 1964-65, Mississippi
Current Residence:
87 John St
Providence, RI 02906
Email: davidpriley@aol.com
Phone: 401.486.6993

I went to Vicksburg for the summer of '64, worked on voter registration, what there was of "the white folks project," and started a civil rights, black community newspaper, The Vicksburg Citizens Appeal, which was published weekly or biweekly for 2 1/2 years starting August '64. I stayed in Mississippi for the fall of '64, and returned for a month in the summer of '65. I wrote article for the paper for a year or more.

My experience is Mississippi has clearly been a highlight of my life, mostly because of the people I worked with there, particularly the local Vicksburg folks, whose courage and warmth I will never forget.

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