Jacqulyn Reed Cockfield

COFO, 1964, Mississippi (Freedom School Student)
Current Residence: Meridian, MS.
Email: user507833@aol.com

During the summer of 1964, FREEDOM SUMMER, I was fortunate enough to be recruited by local activists to attend the COFO sponsored Freedom School in Meridian, Mississippi. I was fourteen during that summer. Attending Freedom School was a life changing event for me a poor, Black youngster. While I attended catholic school all my life, the first White adults, other than Catholic school nuns, to say a kind word to me were Freedom School teachers such as Gail Falk, Mark Levy and others.

This experience awakened an abiding desire in me to become more knowledgable of the entire civil rights movement. Since 1964, I have worked for the National Urban League and served as a volunteer in the NAACP. Each year during the first weekend in march I travel to Selma, AL and participate in the reenactment of the Voting Rights March in Selma, Alabama.


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