Deborah Rand

SNCC, Mississippi, 1964
Current Residence: New York, NY

After I graduated from Carleton College, I joined other Carleton students as a volunteer during the summer of 1964; I was assigned to Moss Point, Mississippi. Most of my work was with the Freedom School, although I did some voter registration also. I loved working with the young people in Moss Point and was inspired by them. After leaving Mississippi, I worked as a high school teacher in NYC's public schools. Then I went to law school, was active in the National Lawyers Guild, worked in legal services and for the last 18 years have been a supervising attorney in NYC government. An important part of my work over the years has been focused on housing issues.

I have always felt that the people in the civil rights movement were the most courageous and inspiring Americans of my generation. Watching them as a kid, first from Washington, D.C. and then from NYC, I was in awe of the sheer beauty of the people who sat down at lunch counters, picketed stores, participated in Freedom Rides, got arrested demanding the right to vote, and demanded that the United States become a real democracy. I still am.

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