Peggy Quinn

CORE, Mississippi, 1963-68
Current Residence: Jackson, MS

I started working with the CORE chaper in Milwaukee in 1963 and volunteered to work in the Northern Organizing Project CORE ran in Chicago from June 1964 to December 1964. I then went to work for CORE in Mississippi and was assigned to the COFO office in Greenville. We were active in Delta education struggles and the work of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the Mississippi Freedom Labor Union. I left after nine months and returned to Milwaukee where I continued my work with CORE and with the anti-war movement.

I continued political activity throughout my adult life, working as a parent, union, tenant, and community organizer. I went through an alternate route to become a high school math teacher in the early eighties in Connecticut. I retired in June 2003, moved back to Mississippi and now work as a math teaching consultant with the Algebra Project at Lanier High School in Jackson. I am also active with the COFO Inc. organization in Jackson which is active in organizing to preserve and build community programs in the former COFO headquarters.

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