Philip M. Posner, DD, DHL

CORE, NAACP, SNCC Mississippi, California 1961-64
APDO Postal No. 892
Ajijic, Jalisco
Mexico. C.P. 45920
Phone (U.S): 210.200.8879

I was a freedom rider with a group from UCLA. Was arrested in Jackson and spent 39 days in Parchman Pen. I often think of the wonderful people I was with and am grateful for the experience I had.

I have been a congregational rabbi for 40 years, am now retired and live in a beautiful village near Guadalajara, Mexico.

I have just written a book whose thesis is that character and good food sustain us as individuals and society at large. It's called, Food for Thought, Character and Soul - Recipes and Blessings Included. And in January of 2008 will begin a 4 month lecture and book signing tour in the Southern and Western States, and possibly a tour in the Spring of Eastern States.

Since my Freedom Rider days, I have continued to be involved in various aspects of Civil Rights, including missions to Ethiopia and El Salvador, co-founded the Rabbinic Network for Ethiopian Jewry, and in 2002 was a plaintiff with the ACLU in a 10 Commandments case against Hamilton County, Ten. which we won. (Go to 10 Commandments Philip Posner.)


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