Jim Peppler

Southern Courier Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, 1965-68
Current Residence: Saugerties, NY
Email: jimpeppler@gmail.com

I was a photographer and Photo Editor for the Civil Rights weekly newspaper, The Southern Courier, covering events in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia (predominently in Alabama) between May 1965 until May 1968. I have an extensive collection of photographs of both the movement and social conditions over that period.

My Civil Rights Movement era photos are now available at the Alabama Department of Archives at: ADAH photos by Jim Peppler.

I would like to encourage all of those who may have been photographed by my for The Southern Courier to periodically browse the pictures here to see if they can add caption information to the events pictured and put names on the many faces shown. It will be an ongoing project — there are over 11,000 negatives to be scanned, but at the moment I think about 700 images are available with more being added every month.

The Southern Courier now has itself a website with a searchable archive of all the papers 1965-1968: Southern Courier.

A video documentary about the Southern Courier can be viewed on YouTube at: The Southern Courier: A Paper For The People.

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