Susan Pearcy

SW Georgia Project, 1967-68, 1971-72
Current Residence: Barnesville, MD

We were recruited by Rev. Charles Sherrod in 1967 while my husband was a student at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. We went down to GA for the summer but wound up staying the full year and lived in Newton, GA in Baker County, known as "Bad Baker". Glen was a photographer and did his first film while there "One More River to Cross" about Junior Nelson's death. We both worked for the project's newsletter, SWGA Project Newsletter, Glen occasionally writing, but mostly photos and I did sketches for the paper.

Glen built a darkroom in our Newton house so he could develop his photos. We lived in the project House at first in Albany, before Newton.

I created some notecards for Harambee to sell and taught woodcut at New Communities, Inc. I helped form a quilting group in Grady County and worked with Headstart in Albany. We moved back to NYC to finish our degrees and had our first child. In Jan of 1971 we returned for another 1 1/2 years.

Many of our images/films/photos, etc. we donated to the Library of Congress and are available there. So many memories. It was such an important part of our lives.


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