Eve Osman

SNCC 1962-66
Current Residence: New York, NY
2 West 67th St.
New York, NY 10023

My name is Eve Osman.

I am now well into my 83rd year (as of 2000).

I worked in the SNCC office in New York from 1962 to — I guess it was 1966, when Stokely, very nicely, explained that they now needed to be a black organization.

Whether or not that was a wise decision is irrelevant. I want to say I never was fiven to feel that this was a personal rejection. I was left with the feeling that my work had been apprecieated and that now a new approach was felt to be necessary.

My years working in the movement were rich & gratifying. It was good to have been part of watershed changes in this country.

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