John Obee

Simpson County Civic League, 1967, Mississippi
32733 Raphael
Farmington Hills, MI 48336

I went to Mississippi in the summer of 1967 to teach at a Freedom School but the school had closed because of reprisals by the white community. I, therefore, Spent the summer coordinating voter registration and voter education activities in Simpson County.

After returning to Michigan, I worked for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights for eight years, attending law school during that time. After graduation from law school and a clerkship with the Michigan Supreme Court, I have specialized in housing discrimination litigation throughout the state of Michigan. I taught one of the first housing discrimination law classes at Michigan State University College of Law. I have also lectured to groups throughout the State of Michigan and nationally on housing discrimination issues.

All that I have done has been done in the spirit of what I first experienced walking the red clay hills of rural Mississippi.


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