Susan Nichols-Roughton

COFO 1964-65, Mississippi, 1962-1964 Friends of SNCC, SIU Illinois
Tower Road
Belgrade, Montana
Phone: 406-388-1919

Like so many others, my brief time in the movement changed and has guided my life and how I try to be in the world. From Southern Illinois University Friends of SNCC to Holmes County to Greenwood to Jackson all the people I had to chance to work with showed me how powerful it is to "be one in the number."

I started in Holmes County with Hollis Watkins in June of 1964 and stayed there until going to Greenwood in the fall of 1964 to work with Stokely (Kwame) Carmichael and all the rest of the good Greenwood folks until January of 1965 when I went to Jackson to help with the MFDP challenge.

I left in June of 1965 to go to California — worked with United Farmworkers. Since then I've been involved with welfare rights in Newark, helped start Many and One in Maine to counter the racist groups who were stirring up the community against the Somali refugees, and worked with Let Cuba Live. Here in Montana we've started Racial Equity Montana. I have donated some material from Mississippi Movement to Queens College archives.

The work goes on.

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