Jay Guy Nassberg
(Jason Victor Serinus)

SCLC-SCOPE, 1965, North Carolina
Email: healrmn@planeteria.net
Web Site: www.jasonserinus.com

After an orientation in Atlanta, where a speech by Bayard Rustin instantly converted me to pacifism, I spent seven weeks in Williamston, North Carolina (Martin County) doing voter registration work with Sara Small and others.

I definitely think we did some good things. But at a certain point, after one of our group unthinkingly showed a plantation owner our list of people in his fields who had registered to vote, and we later learned that all them had lost their jobs, I realized that I had the potential to do more harm than good. I was a white person who had the choice to return to Amherst College on full scholarship, while the people I was trying to help were, at least in short haul, stuck. I decided it best to leave the work to people who more integrated in the community, and better understood how to proceed.


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