Ed Nakawatase

SNCC, 1963-64, Georgia
Current Residence:
6445 Greene Street, A302
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Email: mashunt302@aol.com
Phone: (215) 241-7131

Interview by Greg Ivers re SNCC. 2019  Video

I worked at the SNCC office in Atlanta monitoring phone calls from the field. Also assisted in the production department on putting out posters and leaflets as well as the Student Voice. I later worked in SNCC's research department.

The experience in SNCC was the most valuable of my life. I learned about this country in very basic ways. I also learned the importance of struggling for social justice; the power of collective action; and the capacity of people, however oppressed and despised, to make change. Those are lessons I have taken to heart. I also met and worked with some of the best people of our generation. I was very lucky.

After leaving SNCC, I continued in the same general vein, maintaining a radical perspective and a vision of a just society. I was a staff person in the anti-poverty program in the area where I was raised, worked against the war in Vietnam, began working with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) where I now work, coordinating Native American programs, nationwide.

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