Maureen Murphy (Maureen Pangelinan)

CORE, SNCC, COFO, 1963-65, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana
Current Residence:La Jolla, CA

Started working in Atlanta with SNCC, later went to work in Louisiana doing voter registration work. Later sent to work with CORE in Jackson MS, then sent to work in Meridian, MS, with Mickey Schwerner, Rita, Pat Walker, & myself to work in Meridian. We lived in a house in Meridian. When my friends were killed I did fund rasing all over the U.S & Canada. Left for Europe in 1966 for the next 7 years. Have lived on the east coast for the past 12 years, have just returned to live in CA, seven months ago. Have one daughter who lives in New York city. Hello to anyone to might recall me. So happy that the Movement was part of my life. Hopefully most of us have still done good work in later years. It sure is getting difficult these days.

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