Thomas A. Muhammad

SNCC, NBUF, 1966-68, Texas
Box 150975
Dallas, TX 75315 Email:
Phone: 214-460-7672
Web Site:

I was recruited while in high school to protest a local chain grocery that sold inferior foods and vegetables in our South Dallas Commnity. We picked the stores until they closed down. I remained involved and attended some meetings and dropped out. I got back involved in the same Commnity as a founder of a community based non-profit organization called Innercity Community Develpoment Corporation (ICDC). I'm currently the Vice-President. We have built nearly five hundred affordable homes and purchased a shopping center that the city was scheduled for bulldozing the shopping has operated in the black since we bought and rehabbed. I'm also the Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF) Dallas Chapter.


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