Joe Morse
(1943-2017, In Memory)

CORE, 1964-67, Mississippi

Freedom is not Free: The Meridian MS Civil Rights Movement of the Mid-Sixties

I worked out of Meridian, MS starting early July 1964 through 1967. The first year was mostly voter registration and political (MFDP) organizing then later some desegration and boycotts and finally in 1967 I worked for the Child Development Group of Mississippi organizing headstart Centers in Kemper County. I organized with other CORE and local people in Lauderdale, Neshoba, Clarke and Newton Counties in east central MS.

Clearly, being a part of the CR movement was a life changing experience. I learned so much about organizing and political analysis from so many bright and committed folks. It is hard to describe the ways...

I have used the many skills and what I learned in the CR movement to work in poverty programs, organizing against war, environmental justice for native americans, protecting the environment, starting several programs for men who batter as part of the battered women's movement and establishing a Martin Luther King Celebration in my home community - Winona, MN

I'll add more later. This is a good start.

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